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According the "Taiwan Province Water Utility Unified Management Plan" which was passed by the Executive Yuan on Sep 6, 1973, on Jan 1, 1974, this department merged with the Suao water field administered by the Suao Town Hall, the Dongshan water field administered by the Dongshan Township Hall, the Sanxing water field administered by the Sanxia Township Hall, the Luodong water field administered by the Luodong Town Hall. The Suao Branch and the Luodong Branch were separately founded and they fall under the head office management. On Jan 1, 1975, the Luodong water field withdrew and the Yuanshan water field joined and formed the Yuanshan Branch, merging with the Yilan Branch, being administered by the First District administrative office. On March 1, 1976, the Eighth District administrative office was founded and the Luodong water field joined again. The Yilan water field also merged with the Yilan Branch at this time. In order to meet the changing management needs, another branch was established and integrated and classrooms were set up, cut down and merged, etc until the present day.
*1974.1.1. Before, it was administered by town and township halls
  Suao water plant, Dongshan water plant, Luodong water plant, Sanxing water plant, Yilan water plant, Yuanshan water plant
*1974.1.1. Merged and fell directly under the administration of the head office
  Established the Suao Branch (Suao water plant), established the Luodong Branch (Dongshan water plant, Luodong water plant, Sanxing water plant)
*1975.1.1 The Luodong water plant withdrew; the Yuanshan water plant joined; the Yuanshan Branch was established and merged with the Yilan Branch
  The Suao Branch, Luodong Branch, and Yilan Branch were administered by the First District Administration
*1976.3.1 The Eighth District Administration was established (manager, secretary, engineering section, business section, materials section, general affairs room, human affairs room [1],[2], Yilan Branch, Luodong Branch, Suao Branch)
  The Luodong water plant merged with the Luodong Branch; the Yilan water plant merged with the Yilan Branch
*1977.1 The Dongshan Branch was established
*1977.5 Setup an overhaul team
*1977.3 Materials section merged with the general affairs room
*1984.1 The Toucheng Branch was established
*1983.1 The Sanxing Branch was established
*1995.7 The overhaul team was renamed as the pipeline team
*1996.1 The inspection room was established
*2002.4 Merged into the Sanxing Branch
*2004.1.1 In order to specialize labor and to improve service results, the Toucheng, Yilan, Luodong, Dongshan, and Suao branches merged to create the Yilan North Service Center, the Yilan South Service Center, the Shengou water supply plant, and the Guangxing water supply plant
* Manager, assistant manager, engineering section, business section, inspection room, general affairs room, accounting room, civil affairs room
* The Yilan North Service Center, Yilan South Service Center, Shengou water supply plant, and Guangxing water supply plant
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